STEM Activities

Discover creative STEM activities to try, from science experiments to engineering challenges.

Become a Victorian Botanist

Draw and label a plant like a Victorian botanist travelling on the SS Great Britain.

Build Renkioi Hospital

Create a paper version of Brunel’s famous hospital ward using a net.

Design & Make a Bridge

Become an engineer like Brunel and design your own Bridge to cross the Avon Gorge.

Great Exhibition

Thousands of people visited the Great Exhibition in 1851. What example of engineering and technology would you put in a Great Exhibition for the 21st century?

Make a Sextant

Make and use a sextant so you can find out your latitude, perfect for a starry night.

Make a Ship’s Biscuit

Bake your own ship’s biscuit – warning: not very tasty!

Make a Thaumatrope

Make your own optical illusion Victorian toy!

Make your own Terrarium

Discover how they kept plants alive on the SS Great Britain then create your own terrarium.

Setting Sail

Make a paper sailing ship and see how quickly you can get it to sail along a table.

Shadow Puppets

Make your own show with shadow puppets!

Timeline of the SS Great Britain

Create your own timeline showing key events from the SS Great Britain’s lifetime.

Trap A Rat!

Rats were a huge problem on board the ship, can you help by designing a rat trap?

What’s for Dinner?

Use a menu from a Victorian voyage to plan a meal to eat onboard the SS Great Britain

Why does the SS Great Britain have holes in it?

Become a scientist and discover what happens to metal in water.

Why Do Ships Float?

Ever wondered how metal ships float?