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Brunel’s SS Great Britain is an ideal location for a day out of the classroom.


The historic ship, Being Brunel, Dockyard Museum and beneath the “sea” in the Dry Dock capture the imagination with lots to see, hear, touch and even smell!

As part of your school visit, you can book interactive workshops and guided tours; a wide range of free resources are available to support pre- and post-visit learning.

We’re currently taking bookings for the 23/24 and 24/25 academic years. We can run up to 3 workshops a day, Tuesday to Friday (Sept-Feb) and Monday to Friday (Mar-Jul) (subject to availability). Please click on the relevant Key Stage link below for further information, including prices, and to fill out an enquiry form.

“The best trip we’ve ever been on! Absolutely fantastic.” – KS1 class teacher 

There is now limited availability for workshops in Term 6 if you’re looking to bring 2 or more classes on the same day. But there is good availability for those looking to bring 1 class for a workshop or those wanting guided tours or self-guided visits. 

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