The SS Great Britain Trust is committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Our Climate Emergency declaration acknowledges the climate breakdown and provides us with bold, honest commitments and focus.

For a charity that conserves one of the world’s most important historic ships and operates a major visitor attraction, large venue as well as a research and education centre, this is a significant and important commitment.

Declaration of a Climate Emergency

The SS Great Britain Trust declared a Climate Emergency in October 2019. We recognise environmental breakdown, based on scientific evidence, and believe that heritage and cultural organisations must both make a difference directly as well as inspire and advocate for change. As a leading maritime museum which undertakes major ongoing conservation, we pledge to pioneer energy efficiencies and share new best practice globally.

This work is already underway, having recruited a Ship’s Conservation Engineer in 2018 who is pivotal to continually optimising the ship’s conservation in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way and sharing new best practice so that global maritime museums and curators can implement similar efficiencies.

Conserving the SS Great Britain – Our journey to becoming Carbon Neutral



The Trust’s Endowment Fund invests for positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. The Fund is maintained with ethical safeguards and will not make new investments in, and is seeking to withdraw from, any business which is demonstrated to be negatively involved in: modern slavery; environmental damage and fossil fuels; poor public health outcomes; guns and armaments. The Trust is committed to providing quality employment and development of the tourism economy that supports sustainable local and regional growth.

Finally; the SS Great Britain Trust is aware that there is more to be done to protect the environment, which is why our sustainability group is continually looking at how we can improve and reduce our impact on the environment.

Should you have any questions regarding our achievements so far, please get in touch.