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To find out more about the volunteering roles available and to meet some of the team. Please check back here in Spring for the next Taster Event and to see what roles we have on offer.

We are looking for people to join our:


Library Volunteers: For those who want to inspire and engage visitors to the history of Brunel’s SS Great Britain this may be the role for you.

Required hours: Wednesdays 1:15pm – 4:30pm Find the role description here.


Visitor Experience Volunteers: If you enjoy meeting new people and engaging with others you would make an excellent Visitor Experience Volunteer.

Roles available for: Weekends, Tuesday PM, Friday PM, bank holidays and school holidays. Find the role description here.


“I love welcoming so many visitors who have a special connection with the ship: those Bristolians who ‘were there’ on 19 July 1970; people who return after a 30-year gap and can’t believe how the ship has been restored; a couple who come back every year on their wedding anniversary and relive their pirate-themed wedding. Then the tours: kids on their first post-Covid school trip scrubbing the deck and steering the ship. Finally, working with some great people, other volunteers and staff – all amazing!” – Sarah  

“I feel that my life has been privileged, both in my working and personal life and that community volunteering over the years, both at home and abroad, has been a way of returning those privileges to others. Representing the SS Great Britain Trust in the community, is not for me, just a promotional exercise, but a means of showing interest, friendship and acceptance, both to children and adults. 

This is particularly relevant on the calm days for autistic people. In greeting them, showing them around the ship or helping with an activity, even though they have difficulties and differences, we can help them feel accepted as part of our community.” – Mike  

“I wanted to volunteer at the SSGB to expand my reach outside of the University bubble. Working with the education team for a weekly shift was a brilliant way to do this – it’s been an extremely rewarding experience working with different groups of children and seeing their enthusiasm. The workshops are always great fun and are really flexible to fit around other commitments!” – Yasmin  

“Six years ago, I joined the Costume Team at the Great Britain in the role of a Victorian Seaman. The ship is a fascinating place to volunteer because of the stories about its history, engineering and revolutionary technology for the 1840’s. Being in costume seems to break down barriers with visitors and I find it becomes comfortable to relate information about the ship, its voyages and its passengers in the relaxed but professional manner that is encouraged at the Great Britain. During the six years I have also been able to take advantage of other opportunities, such as giving talks and joining in with the Harbour Festival Activities. I’m very glad I joined!” – John  


Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience Volunteers welcome visitors to the SS Great Britain and engage them across the site, bringing to life the story of the ship and the passengers and crew who travelled on her.

We particularly need people who can volunteer on weekends, Tuesday PM, Friday PM, bank holidays and school holidays.

Costumed Interpretation Volunteer

Our Costumed Interpretation Volunteers wear period costume on board the ship and in our museums and help bring the SS Great Britain’s stories to life for our visitors.



Inspire schools and families with the history of the SS Great Britain, with a fun and interactive approach.

Our Education Assistant Volunteers help inspire the next generation, through creative, hands-on workshops for schools. These workshops have been designed to engage young people with the history of the ship using fun and interactive approaches and activities. As a volunteer you would enhance these workshops and support the workshop leaders by ensuring the children enjoy the workshops and their visits.


Library & Collections

Our Library Volunteers are the public face of the Library and support the Trust by improving access to the Collection as well as ensuring visitors have an enjoyable experience.



By joining our curatorial team as a Museum Collection Volunteer you will assist with the cataloguing of the SS Great Britain Trust’s collection.

Community & Engagement

Support us to become a more connected and inclusive museum community.

Community Engagement Volunteers support the delivery of onsite and offsite events, activities and projects with a variety of groups from across Bristol.  We aim to keep on building relationships with and learning from the communities that make up our city.  We’d like to find new ways that our collections and the stories of Brunel and the SS Great Britain can be of value to people across geography, age, disability, gender, sexuality, faith, socio-economic background and ethnicity.

Please note that this role is ad-hoc and less commitment than the other roles.

Technical Services

Develop and share technical skills to ensure the site is ship-shape for our visitors.


Volunteers support with the presentation and maintenance of the ship’s weather deck to enhance the visitor experience.


Musician volunteers further bring the experience on the ship to life. We would love for someone to play the piano (or another instrument from the period i.e. harpist) in the Promenade saloon. Shift times would be 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00, but we would be happy for ad-hoc help too. 


We also have some ad-hoc volunteer roles available, including: Holiday activities, discovery talks, tour guiding, and assisting with evening events. Get in touch to find out more!