Steerage Inspired Gifts

15 May 2024


15 May 2024


Steerage inspired gifts? It might not sound like the most obvious place for inspiration but prepare to be surprised...

Homeware inspired by Victorian fourth class? It might not sound like the most obvious place for inspiration but prepare to be surprised by beautifully handcrafted and sustainable additions that can make anywhere (even a huge iron ship!) feel like home.

Handmade Rugs

Add a pop of colour to your living room with a hand-woven rug. On board the ship many passengers would use crafts as a way to keep occupied and quell the boredom – especially on a six week journey to Australia! They would sew, knit and crochet often decorating their bunk spaces with their creations. Our range of rugs are made by Indian artisans and can brighten up any space whether you opt for a traditional Chindi rug or more opulent Dhurrie rug with gold decoration.


Carbolic Soap

Contrary to popular belief Victorians did use soap… although it was indeed as less frequent occurrence than we do today. Victorian doctors and ship’s surgeons would use carbolic soap to disinfect patients. Today, carbolic soap makes an excellent multi-use household cleaning product. Make your home sparkle and help to reduce waste with this natural antibacterial cleaner.


Gentleman’s Beard Tin

Being in fourth class (steerage) wasn’t an excuse for appearances to slip. People in steerage would continue to dress as appropriate to avoid any disagreeable looks from other passengers. Step up your self-care routine with a steerage inspired Gentleman’s Beard Tin.

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