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Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner

Brunel's SS Great Britain

Characters from the Murder Mystery evening

Friday 4 December 2020

7.30pm – Midnight 


Explore Brunel’s extraordinary creation and become immersed in a murder plot, where characters step out of the story around you. Work with your fellow guests to untangle a web of lies and deceit during this delicious three-course dinner.

Dust off your deerstalker, fill your pipe and become a detective for the evening.

Join us on board Brunel’s most extraordinary time machine, the SS Great Britain and become a detective for an evening. Board the ship and be immersed into a murder plot. Try to solve the crime during dinner with further revelations. Are you smart enough to be the next Sherlock Holmes?
Tickets include an arrival drink, a three course meal and half a bottle of wine per person.
The story so far...
Wartime Britain.  Whilst the skies over London glowed red from the burning buildings, a solitary figure sat hunched over a mass of equipment in a barely lit laboratory many levels beneath the pavement.
The figure was Jonathan Gray, he was a scientist and inventor and despite the terrible ravages going on way above his head, which occupied the thoughts of everyone in the entire City, he remained focussed on his work.
He was close, he knew he was. Soon he would be able to show all of those people that had doubted his theories that he had been right all along.
He completed the delicate wiring and switched on the apparatus.  A faint flickering image began to appear on the shabby wall at the end of the bench.
There before his eyes was the culmination of all of his efforts.  At last he was ready to show the world.
With great haste he grabbed the telephone.  “Damn this War!” (The lines were down as usual).  He collected his coat from the back of the door and made his way up to the devastation above.
He met his contact and told them the news.
They decided to hold a small party to celebrate his breakthrough (not a grand affair-there is a War on).
The date was set and the invited guests began to arrive.
Tonight will be a life changing experience for most and a life ending experience for a select few!
Butternut Squash, Carrot & Ginger soup topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, served with salted butter & Artisan bread (V)



Traditional Roast Turkey served with roasted root vegetables, roasted herb potatoes, pigs in blankets and homemade chestnut stuffing.

Nut roast served with roasted root vegetables, roasted herb potatoes & red onion and rosemary ‘pig’.(V)


Chocolate Orange tort with a Raspberry Coulis (V)

Tea and Coffee

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