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Bristol Harbour Festival

Brunel Square

The BBC stage at Brunel's ss Great Britain


Saturday 22 July 2017, 12pm - 6pm

Sunday 23 July 2017, 11.30am - 6.30pm


Join us on the historical Brunel Square for two full days of family fun and entertainment over the Bristol Harbour Festival weekend.

In partnership with BBC Radio Bristol, Brunel's SS Great Britain will once again be hosting a music stage with family activities and a craft market.

From 12pm, don't miss the chance to dress up in stovepipe hats, bonnets and fancy dresses for your own Victorian selfie and or try your hand at juggling with our free Cirque Bijou workshops. 

Our Dockyard Cafe Bar will be open throughout the day serving delicious light meals, snacks and drinks. To make your journey stress-free, the Cross Harbour Ferry will be operating extra services to and from Brunel Square.

Musical performers:

Saturday 22 July Sunday 23 July
12pm - Help the Refugees Community Act 11.30am - The Bristol Ensemble's Youth Project
1pm  -  Alice Wild and The NAG's 12.30pm - The Bristol Community Big Band
2pm  -  Snazzback 1.30pm - Batala Samba Band
3pm  -  Katandi 2.30pm - Mango Factory
4pm  -  Jimi Can 3.30pm - Galactic Funk Militia
5pm  -  Duke Frenzy 4.30pm - Baraka
  5.30pm - The Bristol Ensemble plays Handel's Water Music

Help the Refugees Community Act

'Help the Refugees' has been working with artists from countries in crisis and will be showcasing the talented musicians from Syria, Iraq and Sudan, living in Bristol playing music from their homelands. 

Alice Wild and The NAG's

The New Age Gypsies, "The NAG's" are an original folk duo who sing conscious songs, travelling the country busking and playing gigs. Alice Wild is the lead soulful vocalist, with Jamie Worley playing electric guitar, harmonica and backing vocals. 


Bristol's Snazzback are a five-piece jazz, funk, soul and groove band. They have had a busy year so far with performances at Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Hogsozzle Festival Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival. They will also be playing at Glastonbury. Their EP, recorded at Jute Box Studios, is scheduled for release this year.


Katandi performing

Katandi are an energetic percussion band, playing traditional rhythms from West Africa. They are based in Bristol and play a mixture of djembe and dundun drums. They also sing traditional songs related to each rhythm.

'Kantandi' means 'a reason to move' in the Mandinka language - you will not be able to resist moving and shaking to these powerful rhythms!

Jimi Can 

A consumate showman, singer-songwriter Jaime Cantera (Jimi Can) follows a singular muse, ambitiously splicing music from Spain, Cuba, Jamaica, West Africa & the U.K into a modern sound that fires the imagination. 

Duke Frenzy

Duke Frenzy are a band bubbling with energy and enthusiasm - there is a reason to make some noise for this Bristol-based four piece! The band offers a refreshing take on blues folk music, whilst riding on waves of African and Latin rhythms, providing a raw blend of styles whilst adopting a hip hop mentality and offering lyrics that will knock your socks off and return them to you odd but fresh. With orders from the elusive Duke, the band are on a mission to spread the word. 

The Bristol Ensemble's Youth Project

The Bristol Ensemble have been working with six local primary schools delivering weekly music workshops to enable the children to learn about Handel, his life and what musical instruments were used for the Water Music composition. The children have been supported to create their own version of Water Music that they will be performing. 

The Bristol Community Big Band

The Bristol Community Big Band is an energetic local ensemble that plays a wide repertorie of swing, jazz, blues and Latin big band classics in festivals and gigs around the Bristol and Somerset area. Made up of non-professional musicians from all over 20 postcodes, BCBB are a fun-loving and inclusive group who bring swing music to communities around Bristol. Conductor, Jonny Bruce, is known throughout the country as an outstanding trumpet player, as well as being extremely passionate about bringing big band music to the forefront of the Bristol jazz and blues scene. 

Batala Samba Band

Batala performing at the harbourside

Batala Bristol is part of a larger international samba reggae music project. The Batala family currently has over 30 groups in 15 countries and a worldwide membership of over 1,000 percussionists. As all the groups learn the same drum arrangements, members from different cities perform with sister groups around the world during the course of any travels they might take, or switch groups if they move cities. 

Mango Factory

Mixing the finest elements of many musical styles is no mean feat, but Bristol-based Mango Factory are up to the challenge. Comprising a super tight rhythm section, explosive horns and two incredible vocalists, the Mangos have been blasting their way across the South West and beyond, gaining rave reviews wherever they play. The all-original music is a mash-up of funk, Latin, soul, ska and many more, with shout-along choruses and infectious hooks. 

Galactic Funk Militia

Galactic Funk Militia has a massive stage presence and an even bigger sound. Their infectious tunes swagger with impulsive groove, explode with horns and wailing electric guitar and seduce you with sensuous liquid synth. The sound is completed by quick-fire rap and the divadelic lead vocals of Amber Kuti. 


BARAKA is a unique combination of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, Trinidad, Dominica and Ireland. Each musician contributes his individual sound and style - Reggae featuring a Kora and Djembe, Township with a Calypso bassline, Hilife with Blues Harmonica, Soca with Balafon and Flute. Baraka features musical collaborations that you are unlikely to hear with any other band. and is one of the few bands featuring African and Caribbean musicians working together.  Baraka is edgy, experimental and innovative without losing sight of the fact that entertainment is the key. The result is a heady mix of global beats, intricate rhythms and soaring melodies.