Weather Deck Works

The weather deck is the SS Great Britain’s roof. It protects the ship from the elements and acts as a seal to keep water out, maintaining the carefully controlled environment on the inside.

The current deck was installed in the 1990s and urgently needs to be replaced. Without this work, water will continue to get in and the 180-year-old wrought iron hull will continue to rust. 


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When is it happening? 

Work is set to commence on 4 December with the old deck being carefully removed in sections. The project expected to take 32 weeks. 

Where is the original deck?

The original decking was replaced with a composite deck in the 1980s. The current deck is from 1990 made from Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata), an Australian hardwood timber.

Who is involved?

The project is being managed by the SS Great Britain Technical Services team and our contractors John Perkins Construction. 

What materials are we using? 

The new deck will be made of treated Accoya timber planks. Produced in the Netherlands from sustainably sourced fast-growing softwood, they have a lifespan of over 50 years.  

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