Seaman’s Lives and Jobs

Children from Wansdyke Primary School interviewed Active Interpretation Manager, Simon Strain, and found out about the lives and jobs of the SS Great Britain’s sailors.

They asked:

  • What were the sailors’ jobs on the ss Great Britain? (0:53 – 1:18)
  • How safe was it on the ss Great Britain? Did the sailors need any special training to do the job? (1:18 – 1:46)
  • Can you tell me about where they lived on board? (1:46 – 2:08)
  • Can you tell me about the tools they used? (2:08 – 3:36)


Over three days in February and March 2016, this film was planned, filmed and edited by children from Wansdyke Primary School in Bristol with guidance from staff from the SS Great Britain Trust and professional filmmakers from Chocolate Films.

During the project, pupils learnt the basics of film making and practised their team working, speaking and listening skills. The children worked in groups to come up with questions for ss Great Britain Trust staff and volunteers and filmed their interviews on location at Brunel’s SS Great Britain.

You can see all six films on our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy their films as much as we did!