Seafarers and Stargazers

17 October 2023


17 October 2023


Learn more about our new celestial range, inspired by seafaring superstition and the Victorian fascination with the supernatural.

Whether you’re looking for a nautical gift or something for the spooky season, our new celestial range of luxurious stationery, beautiful books and delicate jewellery is sure to inspire.

Stars and ships have been constant companions for thousands of years. For sailors like those who crewed the SS Great Britain, celestial movements provided a means of navigation through the dark, endless oceans. And on a night watch in the mid-Atlantic, lonely sailors would find comfort in the glinting constellations of the night sky above them.

While navigation by the stars may be less common these days, the stars still hold fascination for the human race, whether that be through astronomy, astrology or pure awe at their presence across a clear night sky. The superstitions of seafarers have been passed down through many generations, and the Victorians – contemporaries of the SS Great Britain – are particularly well-known for their fascination with the occult and supernatural.

Authors Dee Dee Chainey and Willow Winsham explore the deep history and enduring significance of water folklore the world over, from mermaids and sirens to ghostly ships.

Our new ‘Seafarers and Stargazers’ collection is inspired by the relationship between sailing and the stars, from their role in helping ships to cross seas to the folklore of sailors which prevails today. The collection includes beautiful books such as ‘Treasury of Folklore: Seas and Rivers’, astral-inspired journals and other stationery.

You’ll also find a range of celestial jewellery, which has been specially selected by us in partnership with Just Trade. Just Trade works with small Fairtrade projects around the world to provide training and fairly-paid work for people in disadvantaged communities.

These Luna Moon Earrings have been handmade by the Flowering Desert Project. This project provides training and fairly paid work for women from rural communities in Tamil Nadu, India.

The pieces are handmade from brass and tagua, a seed from a type of palm that grows in the South American rainforests. Often known as vegetable ivory, tagua is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to animal ivory.

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