Easter desserts on board Brunel’s SS Great Britain

16 March 2023


16 March 2023


Sample a traditional Victorian plum pudding and citrus jelly this Easter holiday.

From the 1st  to 16th of April, Brunel’s SS Great Britain will treat visitors on board to a selection of traditional Victorian puddings inspired by the ship’s 20th voyage from Australia.   

Guests will be able to sample a plum pudding and a clear citrus jelly – both desserts which would have been served to Victorian passengers on the world’s first great ocean liner.

Passengers of all classes would have eaten plum pudding during their voyage. But first-class guests would have enjoyed an elevated version of the dish, which would have included raisins, sultanas, candied peel, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Easter holiday visitors will also be able to try a clear citrus jelly inspired by a moulded dolphin dish. This sweet treat was served on board in 1861 for a special banquet held in honour of the Ship’s 18th birthday. 

The tasting samples for each dessert will be accompanied by a dressed table with full size replicas of each of the dishes – including faux jelly dolphins.

Guests can sample the desserts in the beautifully restored First Class Dining Saloon. The team at the SS Great Britain Trust have researched passenger diaries along with menus and Victorian recipes to bring the space to life. This room would have played host to just some of the 674 passengers returning  from  Australia to England in 1861.

Speaking about the desserts, Natalie Fey, Interpretation Manager at Brunel’s SS Great Britain, said: “During the Easter holidays, we’ll be serving up two desserts that would have been produced  as part of the lavish Bills of Fare during a 60-day voyage to Australia. We’re excited to welcome visitors on board so they can savour first-class dishes elaborate world of Victorian desserts.”

Visit Brunel’s SS Great Britain between April 1st and 16th to sample the puddings. There’s also an Easter animal trail for children, complete with a chocolate treat at the end!  

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