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Key Stage 3

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To book, please call the Bookings Team on 0117 926 0680.

Workshop: Passenger Investigation

Duration: 1 hour

Who travelled on the ss Great Britain and what was it like?

Use replica objects, documents and original historic artefacts to conduct an investigation and discover the stories behind the passengers who made life-changing journeys on the SS Great Britain.

Our interactive workshops take place in the Medlock Education Centre and are led by a member of the Education Team. They are intended for up to 30 students per workshop.

Show: Being Brunel

Duration: 1 hour

Discover the story of Brunel’s life, learn about his successes and failures, and explore the skills and attributes that made him the inventive genius we celebrate today.

The Being Brunel show explores the history and science of Brunel’s projects with audience participation, interactive challenges and demonstrations.

The show takes place in the Great Eastern Hall and is led by a member of the Education Team; it can accommodate up to 90 students.

Upcoming dates:

27 & 28 April
5 & 19 May 
8, 9, 15, 16 & 29 June
6 & 7 July

Please call our Bookings team on 0117 926 0680 or email: to check availability.

Tour: Guided Tour of the Ship

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Find out about the different phases of the ss Great Britain’s long and adventurous life and meet passengers and crew along the way with our knowledgeable volunteer tour guides.

Tours are free for schools but subject to availability.

Tour: Guided Tour of the Dry Dock

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Take an interactive tour beneath the glass sea, participate in demonstrations and discover the secrets behind Brunel's unique technology and innovative design.

Tours are free for schools but subject to availability.

Self Guided Resource: Chart Your Own Course

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour

Chart Your Own Course, a fun, interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ style game, has been developed to enhance a Key Stage 3 visit to Brunel’s ss Great Britain.

Students complete the activity on board the ship in small groups. A maximum of 40 students can take part at any one time.

Using Chart Your Own Course during your visit is free but is subject to availability and must be booked in advance.

Learning Resources for the Classroom

Explore our collections with free learning resources including images, information, short films, games and classroom resources at - ideal for preparing for or following up a visit!



“My students really enjoyed the fact that they were allowed to be independent. They worked in teams to participate in the Chart Your Own Course activity, they all helped within that team and consequently they achieved some good results.” Key Stage 3 Teacher


The SS Great Britain Trust is grateful to the Lloyd's Register Foundation and Arts Council England for their valuable support for this programme.