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A Day Out, In and Under

Enjoy an amazing day out, in and under the ship with these exciting activities.

Play On Deck

Deck quoits

Challenge your friends or family to a game of quoits on the Weather Deck - who knows, you may even be joined by a Victorian sailor or Mr. Brunel himself!


Bunk Up

Steerage bunks

Visit steerage and discover what life was like for the Victorian lower classes. Climb into a bunk and imagine spending a night at sea, but watch out for the other rowdy passengers!


Touch the Iron Hull

Dry Dock

Dive beneath the glass sea and marvel at the ship’s hull in the Dry Dock.


Become Brunel's Apprentice

Brunel's Apprentice

Pick up your own Engineer’s Satchel and become Brunel’s apprentice. Explore the ship and dockyard and enjoy exciting activities, solve problems and learn the important skills that make a great engineer.


Scrub the Decks

Scrub the decks

Grab a brush and get scrubbing the deck! Work with your fellow shipmates to keep things ship-shape and Bristol fashion.


Dress Like a Victorian

Victorian Costume

Put on a stovepipe hat or bonnet and travel back in time at the Dockyard Museum inside Flash, Bang, Wallop! Add an overcoat or dress and pose for a portrait at the ship’s launch for a great souvenir of your visit.


Test Your Skills

Broadgauge carriage

Hop on board a shaking 1830s railway carriage in Being Brunel and compare your sketching skills to IKB himself as you try and draw a perfect circle in this interactive game.

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