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Sleepy Ship

Brunel's SS Great Britain

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Monday 28 October 2019

7pm - 9am (lights out 11pm, wakeup 7am)

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Age range - 7-11 years

Sleep over on board Brunel's SS Great Britain.

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night on board Brunel's famous ship? Prepare for a journey as you set up camp in the First Class Dining Saloon, for a memorable sleep on board the SS Great Britain.

Step into the shoes of the passengers and crew that would have been travelling to Australia as they prepared to spend 70 days at sea.

As part of the crew, take part in activities to build your skills up to become a ship shape mate:

Planetarium with Explorer Dome

An interactive planetarium experience provided by Explorer Dome.

Explore our planet, moon, sun and solar system, see how they move and what we see in the sky. Then go star-spotting to discover the constellations as they will appear tonight and discover the stories behind them.

Captain’s Tour

Led by the Captain himself, explore the decks to learn more about the ship and her upcoming voyage. Led by torchlight, expect an interactive and immersive tour.

Build and Use Your Own Sextant

Build a sextant and learn about the constellations.


7pm: Arrival

7pm - 7.45pm: Dinner on board (bring your own or purchase one of our snackboxes for £5). Set up sleeping bags in First Class Dining Saloon.

7.45pm: Greeting from the Captain.

8pm - 10.30pm: Activities on board the ship

10.30pm: Storytelling and hot cocoa

11pm: Lights out

7am: Wake up and breakfast

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Who is Sleepy Ship appropriate for?

Sleepy Ship is for ages 7-11. Parents and guardians are responsible for children at all times and must be present throughout the night. Adults must also purchase a ticket to attend. Children cannot attend without a parent or guardian.

How many adults are required for each group?

The number of adults required for each group of children are as follows:

  • for 1-2 children, 1 adult required
  • for 3-4 children, 2 adults required
  • for 5-12 children, 3 adults required
  • for 13-20 children, 4 adults are required
  • for 21-28 children, 5 adults are required
  • for 29-36 children, 6 adults are required

Adults will sleep in the same area as the children in their group. Accompanying adults must be at least 18 years old, you may be required to show ID.

What do I have to bring?

Each attendee must bring a sleeping bag, toothbrush, evening snack and some clothes to sleep in (we recommend arriving in clothes you can sleep in to minimise luggage).

  • Overnight clothes must be suitable for standing outside in the unlikely event of an evacuation.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times for health and safety reasons, apart from when you are sleeping.
  • We advise you to bring a bottle of water, a pillow, and eye shades for sleeping.
  • Dinner for the evening, snackboxes will also be available to purchase for £5.
  • We provide thin foam sleeping mats, but you can bring your own if you prefer.
  • For health and safety reasons we cannot allow any inflatable mats or mattresses. If you need to bring your own sleeping mat for medical reasons, please let us know upon booking so we can ensure it meets our health and safety requirements.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not bring things that are of financial or sentimental value. Brunel's SS Great Britain takes no responsibility for loss of or damage to any items belonging to visitors.
  • You are not allowed to plug any electrical items into sockets during the event.

Where will we sleep?

Guests will sleep in the First Class Dining Saloon, on board the ship.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Sleeping will be mixed, visitors of all genders will sleep in the same area. Adults will sleep in the same room as children. The events team and security staff will be on hand throughout the night to ensure everyone's safety and comfort. CCTV is in operation throughout the ship.

Is there a cloakroom?

There is no cloakroom available during the event, your belongings will be kept in the sleeping area.

What is included in the breakfast?

Breakfast will consist of a selection of fruit, granola, muffins and juice. We cannot guarantee a nut-free environment. If you or any of the children in your group have any allergies you are concerned about or cannot eat the breakfast provided and would prefer to bring your own, please contact our events team at

What are the adults' responsibilities?

Adults are responsible for supervising their group's behaviour throughout the event. This will ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening.

Responsibilities include following the team leader's directions, keeping your group together and under control at all times, and making sure your group does not disturb those who are sleeping.

Will there be charging points available?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ship and the authentic 1843 experience, there will be no charging points available for phones, cameras or other devices. If you know you will need a charger, please bring a portable power bank.


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