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May Half Term: Play!

Brunel's SS Great Britain

Play! on board Brunel's SS Great Britain

Saturday 25 May - Sunday 2 June 2019

10am - 6pm

Find out how the Victorians played this May half term

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Play! Trail

Keep a look out for six chess pieces hidden on board the ship to follow our Play! trail. As you walk around the ship, take in the sights, sounds and smells and discover how passengers made their own entertainment.

Bored on Board Discovery Talks

12pm, 1pm and 2pm on the Promenade Deck

Included in the price of admission

How did passengers entertain themselves on board a long voyage? Find out in our new Bored On Board Discovery Talks. Talks last approximately 15 minutes.

Make your own Thaumatrope

11am - 4pm in the First Class Dining Saloon

Included in the price of admission

Consisting of a disc with a different picture on each of its two sides, Thaumatropes were invented in the Victoria era as a fun and simple game. Families can join our craft workshop and make their own ones. Watch as the images blend together to make an animated image, nineteenth century style!

Cricket Exhibition

10am - 6pm in the Dockyard Museum

Included in the price of admission

Before any sporting world cup events were established, the All England cricket team travelled from England to Australia aboard the SS Great Britain in 1861 and 1863, paving the way for the international sporting competitions that we recognise today. To celebrate this story and the Cricket World Cup, there will be a special exhibition all about the SS Great Britain's cricketing past.

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Victorian games

Free on Brunel Square

Try out traditional Victorian street games on Brunel Square including skipping ropes, hoops and hop scotch!

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