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Discovery Talk: Incredible Journey

Brunel's SS Great Britain

Saturday March 2020


Included in the price of admission

Find out about the SS Great Britain’s epic 84-year final voyage back home to her birthplace.

On the 6 February 1886, the SS Great Britain set out on her 47th voyage, a journey that would ultimately take her 84 years and 149 days to complete before she finally returned home to Bristol in 1970!

It is a tribute to the quality of SS Great Britain’s design and build that, despite having lain neglected for decades in one of the world’s harshest climates, there was anything left to salvage.

Join us to learn how Brunel’s revolutionary ship came to be abandoned in a desolate cove in the Falkland Islands and discover how this irreplaceable maritime treasure was rescued for the nation in the nick of time.