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Visitor Engagement

Discover the volunteer roles available in our Visitor Experience and Costumed Interpretation teams.

Visitor Experience Volunteer (Saturdays and Sundays)

Visitor Experience Volunteers support the work of the Trust by helping staff to ensure that all visitors have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Role Description

Easter Visitor Experience Volunteer

We have an exciting programme of events and activities planned this Easter and are looking for volunteers to help us bring the dockyard to life. You will be supporting our Visitor Experience team in welcoming, engaging and inspiring visitors during the busy Easter Holiday period.

Role Description

Summer Visitor Experience Volunteer

Our team of Summer Visitor Experience Volunteers welcome visitors to the site, encourage people to try out some of the incredible interactives in our Being Brunel Museum, take photos of visitors dressing up in Victorian costume, hand-out boarding cards as people climb on-board the ship and make sure everyone has a great time during our busy summer months.

Role Description

Costumed Interpretation 

Our Costumed Interpretation Volunteers help bring the SS Great Britain's stories to life.

Brunel's Chief Clerk Role Description

Seaman Role Description

Quaker Role Description