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Annual Appeal

Please can you help save this unique painting of the SS Great Britain?

As we focus on keeping the Trust going to weather the stormy seas, a significant opportunity has arisen to purchase a fascinating and unique painting of the SS Great Britain by the famous Bristol based artist Joseph Walter (1783 - 1856) showing the ship when she was a transatlantic steamer in 1846. Walter is nationally known for the accuracy of his depictions of Bristol shipping and Brunel's steamships, and the quality of his seascapes. It is extremely rare for his major works to come up for sale, and even rarer for one depicting SS Great Britain to be offered, so this is a significant one off and time limited opportunity, and one we must grasp if we can. 

The painting is valued at £25,000, and the Trust has been able to secure a 50% grant from the Arts Council/Victoria & Albert Museum Art Purchase Fund, but this is dependent on whether we can raise the matching funding by 11 May this year. If we don’t, the money will be lost as will the chance to purchase this special painting which would make such an important contribution to the collection, and enable it to be seen by the public for the first time.

Please do support us if you can, we need your help to make this important acquisition possible.

Thank you.