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Autism Friendly Early Opening FAQs

Who is it for?

This event is for anyone with Autism, SEN-D, or Sensory Processing Differences, or for those who would find it easier to enjoy Brunel’s SS Great Britain in a more relaxed environment. We will turn down, or off, many of our audio-visuals.

The event has been designed with young people and families in mind, but visitors of all ages are welcome. If you are uncertain whether this is for you, then please do get in touch and we can give you more information.


What’s open?

The dockyard, Dry Dock, Dockyard Museum and the ship will be open for this Autism Friendly Early Opening event.

The side hatches onto the ship will also be open to allow easy entry. These hatches are located on the dockyard and provide access on and off the ship, bypassing the Dockyard Museum.


Does my Annual Ticket grant me free entry?

Yes! Bring your tickets along and we’ll scan you in for entry.


How do I upgrade my Early Opening ticket to an Annual Ticket?

Just take your Early Opening ticket to the front desk at any time and one of our staff will upgrade it for you for an additional £5 on your first visit. We’ll just need to take the name of the person the ticket is for – remember, carers always come free!


Can I stay once the site opens at 10am?

Absolutely! Your tickets are valid for the whole day, allowing you the option to continue exploring once the site opens fully. You can also come off site to enjoy food or drink at the Harbourside Kitchen before heading back on site if you wish.


Will there be a quiet room?

Yes – there will be a space set up with a few toys, rugs, and cushions which will be available to use. Please speak to a member of staff for directions to this area.


Will the Harbourside Kitchen be open?

The Harbourside Kitchen will be open from 9am, but please feel free to bring your own food or drinks.


I’ve booked my tickets online, but now can’t make it - can I use them for another Autism Friendly Early Opening?

Of course! Just contact us and let us know you can’t make it, and we’ll keep the tickets open for a future event of this kind.


Do you have any more dates planned?

Yes, our next dates will be in July, September and December, so keep an eye on our website for updates.


Does my Annual Ticket grant me free entry for other ticketed events?

Unfortunately not. This is a special event in which Annual Ticket holders can come for free. For all other ticketed events there is a separate charge.

If you have any further questions regarding this event, then please contact