Design & Make

Find something to design or make with these downloadable resources.

Design & Make A Bridge

Become an engineer like Brunel and design your own Bridge to cross the Avon Gorge.

Brunel & Shakespeare

Brunel was a big fan of Shakespeare. Create your own masterpiece like one of Brunel’s Shakespeare inspired paintings.

Design A Dessert

Design a dessert fit for a Victorian dining room table.

Make A Ship’s Biscuit

Bake your own ship’s biscuit – warning – not very tasty!

Trap A Rat

Rats were a huge problem on board the ship, can you help by designing a rat trap?

Make A Paper Peepshow

Get creative and make your own pocket size world to peer into using this paper peepshow.

Make a Sextant

Make and use a sextant so you can find out your latitude, perfect for a starry night.

Setting Sail

Make a paper sailing ship and see how quickly you can get it to sail along a table.

Ahoy There!

Get creative and make your own signal flags to fly in your window.

Create a Work of Art

Brunel drew this horse when he was only 6! Now it’s your turn to create a work of art.

Create a Portrait

*New* Sophia Hawes, Brunel’s sister, was a talented portrait painter. Why not try drawing your own portrait?

Make a Thaumatrope

Make your own Victorian toy!

Renkioi Hospital

Create a paper hospital ward

Why Do Ships Float

Ever wondered how metal ships float?

My Museum

What would you put in a museum to represent you?

Shadow Puppets

Make your own show with shadow puppets!

What’s for Dinner?

Use a menu from a Victorian voyage to plan a meal to eat onboard the SS Great Britain