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Poetry Residency with Saili Katebe

As part of this year’s Afrika Eye festival, Brunel’s SS Great Britain hosted writer and performance poet, Saili Katebe (The Blissful Nomad), for a week-long residency - he even spent a night on board the ship!

During the residency Saili Katebe engaged with the history of the ship, specifically the experiences of emigration and transition which she represents, he also performed aroud the site, speaking to the public and staff, culminating in an evening featuring spoken word and dance performance. Saili also spent a night on board, as part of our sleepover 'Sleepy Ship' event. The residency was in partnership with Afrika Eye Festival and Boat Poets.
Commenting on his night on board, Saili said: “My night on the ship was great. Every time I visit there is something new that comes to life, and more questions and directions to explore present themselves. There was something special about wandering the SS Great Britain at night and sleeping beside the hum of the ship. It definitely adds to the excitement of the residency and the stories, poems and songs hidden on board”.
Saili Katebe is a Wiltshire based writer, workshop facilitator and performance poet. Usually writing under the pen name “The Blissful Nomad” he is a keen explorer of the possibilities that language and arts have to offer. In love with rhythm and rhyme he uses the page and the stage to share his exploration of the lived experience through language and story.
Watch Saili performing his poem After '70, written as part of his residency: