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First ship sets sail after work in Albion Dry Dock

Pelican in Bristol's Albion Dry Dock

The first vessel to undergo ship repair in the newly re-opened Bristol Albion Dry Dock sets sail.

The Pelican of London is a tall ship originally built in 1948 as an arctic fishing trawler. First entering the Albion Dry Dock on the 12 September 2018, she is now set to sail to the Caribbean. The ship is owned and operated by Adventure Under Sail, a charity supporting the development of young people through sail training. More information about Adventure Under Sail can be found here.

The SS Great Britain Trust and Bristol City Council announced plans to restart shipbuilding and repair in the harbour in July this year. The Trust is now working in association with the newly-established Albion Dock Company to offer repair, maintenance and shipbuilding services for large vessels from within Bristol Harbour and beyond.



Notes to editors

The Albion Dry Dock

The 540ft-long Grade II listed Albion Dry Dock was originally dug in 1820 and is the largest in Bristol. It was created by Charles Hill and James Hilhouse who built many ships on the site until Bristol City Docks were closed to commercial traffic in 1977. Abels Shipbuilders continued to build small ships in the dock from 1980 onwards, while the Bristol Marina was created across the rest of the Charles Hill yard. The dry dock has been derelict since the retirement of David Abels in 2016.

About Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Brunel’s SS Great Britain is Bristol’s number one visitor attraction, as voted by the public on Trip Advisor. It is home to the world’s first great ocean liner, the SS Great Britain, Being Brunel, and the Brunel Institute, which houses one of the world’s finest maritime and Brunel collections. The charity that manages and maintains Brunel’s SS Great Britain and collections is the SS Great Britain Trust. More information at