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Dads behaving badly

Victorian ‘peelers’ – or policemen – will keep visitors to Brunel’s ss Great Britain in check as they watch passengers wait to board ship on June 18 and 19.

The re-enactors ‘Seven Dials Rapscallions’ will bring history to life with fights, gambling, and petty squabbles from the 1850s, throughout the Father’s Day weekend in Bristol. Ladies and impressionable children will need to avert their eyes as the ruffians pass time before setting sail on a two-month voyage to Australia. 

Meanwhile, on June 19 (Father’s Day) modern day visitors are expected to be slightly better behaved as they build rockets out of card in the Viridor Theatre, in the Brunel Institute, alongside the ship. The ‘Father’s Day blast off’ is a drop-in session running between 11am and 3pm. Whilst there are no prizes, organisers believe dads will compete alongside their families to create rockets that look and perform the best. 

All events at the multi award-winning Brunel’s ss Great Britain are included in admission – which also allows for free unlimited return visits for a year.

Keith Stanton, Visitor Services Manager for Brunel’s ss Great Britain, said: “The ‘Father’s Day Blast Off’ rocket-making event will be great fun not just for dads but for all the family. The re-enactor weekends are amongst the most popular activities at Brunel’s ss Great Britain. We expect lots of very bad behaviour from the ‘Seven Dials Rapscallions’, although fortunately they will bring their very own Victorian policemen to ensure things do not get too out of hand.”

Keith, whose team was recently recognised in the ‘Bristol Tourism and Hospitality Awards’, added: “Vile Victorians are absolutely guaranteed… and we can not answer for the behaviour of modern-day dads building and firing their own rockets!”

  • Seven Dials Rapscallions re-enactors, June 18 & 19
  • Father’s Day blast off, June 19