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Actors Wanted

The closing date for this role has now passed.


We have three roles we are looking to cast of passengers who travelled on the SS Great Britain. A description of each character is outlined below, and each character will be given their own script.

Each character will be filmed, and the footage will play in our Dockyard Museum.

The project aims to make our visitor connect more with the people who travelled on the SS Great Britain. After viewing the footage visitors will get the opportunity to choose a boarding card, based on actual passengers and crew members who travelled on the SS Great Britain, and board the ship.


Frances Duberly

Age:: 28

Nationality: English

Class/role: First Class

Character Description: A loyal and strong-headed young woman who accompanied her husband to the front lines of the Crimean War. After seeing the horrors that unfolded at Sebastopol, she views life on board the Great Britain as idyllic and speaks romantically of her experiences on the way to the Indian Rebellion. She is also very fond of horses and rides them frequently.

Diary Excerpts:

“As we followed our southern course the sea became tranquil, and the manifold beauties of tropical days and nights gradually unfolded themselves – days and nights all silver Our ship spread her white wings and siled slowly and gracefully over the foam-flocked, sparkling waves.”


Teresa Connell

Age: 32

Nationaility: Irish

Class/role: Steerage

Character Description: A brave determined lady who boarded the ship, after being abandoned by her second husband, with her six children; giving birth to her seventh whilst the ship sailed through the Indian Ocean.

Diary Excerpt for Audition:

“It seems impossible to describe that cabin, a long passage like place with shelves to sleep on, and people as pale as ghosts piled up on them. Following the example of the rest, I climbed up to the highest perch I could find and lay down, but not to sleep. The steamer pitched, rolled and tossed and rolled all night long, and the noise was dreadful, what with the waves dashing against the sides of the ship, the voices of the captain and sailors, the rattling of chains overhead and the smashing of crystal downstairs.”


Thomas Francis Ferris

Age: 28

Nationality: English

Class/role:: Steerage (Fourth Class)

Character Description: A mature man for his age, physically strong, well-educated and principled. He is especially critical of other passengers for their drinking and gambling on board. As a practicing Quaker his religion is very important to him.

Diary Excerpt:

“The Great Britain auled out of dock the day previous to sailing & we were informed that small steamers would be in waiting to take us on board at 10 o’clock the next day, at which time I left the pier along with a most motley company & in a few minutes was standing on the deck of the Britain.I had put all my luggage on board & made my bed the day before so that I had now nothing to do but watch the bustle which always attends the departure of a large vessel.”


The closing date for this role has now passed.