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  • Baby on board!

      Did you know that at least 55 babies were born on board the Great Britain throughout her working life? For the first...
    Babies on board the SS Great Britain
  • A diary from Brunel's SS Great Britain's collection

    Religion on board

      How were religious festivities celebrated on board? We’ve scoured the 69 surviving letters and passenger diaries to...
  • Sketch of the box tunnel

    Brunel's Birthday Gift

      I can’t remember ever buying myself a birthday gift. It’s not something that I’m against particularly, but I do find...
  • A pig and cow on board the SS Great Britain

    Creature Escapades

      Did you know that we have animals hiding all over the Ship? Every time the ship left port on another adventure, she...
  • Go Aloft!

    Top Bristol views from Go Aloft!

      Our brave crew have narrowed down the top five unique views of Bristol’s cityscape to enjoy way above ground level...
  • Credit: The Project Gutenberg EBook of Tunnel Engineering. A Museum Treatment, by Robert M. Vogel

    Brunel the practical joker

      Something most people don’t know about Isambard Kingdom Brunel is that he was a keen practical joker. We've looked at...