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The plan

The design and layout of the proposed Being Brunel buildings will serve to complement and enhance the setting of the SS Great Britain in her historic dockyard, providing an appropriate backdrop in keeping with ongoing interpretation of the Great Western Dockyard in a similar manner previously achieved to the south and east of the ship. Importantly the presence of the ship seen from the water, the north side of the harbour and Hotwell Road will remain as powerfully iconic as she currently is.

The buildings will be used to house the Being Brunel experience, providing the opportunity for people to learn about Brunel’s legacy in exciting and entertaining ways, alongside one of his most treasured and celebrated works, the SS Great Britain.
The buildings will also include café facilities including a small server area, space for customer seating and associated amenities.

The 'Brunel' Drawing Office

As part of Being Brunel the Grade II* listed Drawing Office, where Brunel and his team worked to create the SS Great Britain, will be authentically refurbished.
When open to the public in 2018, you will enter into the drama of the building as it would have been on 1 October 1840, as Brunel presents to the Board of Directors of the Great Western Steamship Company his famous report on the potential superiority of the propeller as the most efficient means of propulsion for the new iron ship under construction in the company’s adjacent dry dock.

Creating the national Brunel network

Brunel’s remarkable influence has reached every corner of the nation.

By creating the National Brunel Network, the SS Great Britain Trust will increase and develop the shared knowledge and expertise in Brunel heritage across the country, which as a result will strengthen his legacy.

Through the National Brunel Network, strong links will be forged with individuals and institutions to pool resources and create educational programmes.

This will make all Brunel related projects more accessible and will provide a comprehensive research and development tool which will benefit British engineering.