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Arts Award Gold

Group looking at items in the vault

The arts are everywhere at Brunel’s SS Great Britain! A visit to Brunel’s SS Great Britain can help you achieve your Arts Award Explore through your local Arts Award Centre.

Unit 1 – share new work that you create

Why not share your new work with us? #artsaward 

You can share pictures, your thoughts, video or a link to your portfolio…

Unit 1 – research and get involved with the arts world

Find out more about what we do by visiting Brunel’s SS Great Britain. There are lots of talks, performances and special events that happen regularly throughout the year. Find out more HERE.

Visit the Brunel Institute to find out more from experts about what the arts-related work that we do, our inspiring collections and how we look after them. You can:

  • Come to a free Archive in Five  event. Find out more about original artefacts and their makers, and have your questions answered by experts.
  • Come to a free Conservation in Action event and discover the secrets of how we care for precious collections.
  • Explore the Brunel Institute with one of our friendly volunteers. Ask at the Visitor Centre for a free tour when the Brunel Institute is open or book ahead.
  • Aged 18-25 and want to know more? Why not consider volunteering at Brunel’s ss Great Britain? There are a range of roles that can develop your knowledge, skills and experience. Find out more HERE.

Unit 1 – research and review arts events

Visit Brunel’s SS Great Britain or attend a special event at the ship and review it.

We regularly hold performances and special events – there’s plenty happening regularly throughout the year.  Find out more HERE.