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Discovery Talk - Gold Talks

Promenade Deck

SS Great Britain in 1852

Wednesday 21 June 2017


Included in the price of admission

This Easter (2017) will see the introduction of a new volunteer talk which highlights one of the most fascinating aspects of the SS Great Britain’s story: Gold.

The Victoria Gold Rush commenced in 1851 leading to a huge demand for fast passages to Australia. Given her size and revolutionary design the SS Great Britain was well suited to cater for the prospectors desperate to reach the “diggings” as quickly as possible. On her first voyage to Melbourne in 1852 the Great Britain carried 630 passengers. Whilst a significant number of them intended to prospect for gold, many more were skilled artisans and tradesmen intent on establishing businesses to meet the miners’ needs.

The new talks will tell the story of this first Australian voyage and recount the experiences of some of the passengers on board whose individual tales include murder, mystery, life changing success and spectacular failure.

Talks will take place at 2pm every day throughout the Easter Holidays 10 – 28 April 2017 (excluding 16 April).  On the 10 April the great grandson of Stephen Curnow, one of the passengers on the first Melbourne voyage will be joining us hear the tale of his ancestors adventures in the diggings.


Talks will last approximately 20 minutes.