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Rare and original artefacts and diaries reveal their stories in these curator-led sessions.

Get closer to history in the Brunel Institute as maritime curators and volunteers take you on a journey of discovery with precious items from the Archive Vault.

Featuring this Month:

Throughout October, some recent acquisitions will be on display. In 1863 the ss Great Britain was again chosen to carry the All England cricket team on a second tour of Australia. Brother of W. G. Grace, and cricketing legend in his own right, Edward Mills Grace was part of that famous team.

The ss Great Britain Trust have been lucky enough to procure a number of items relating to the famous wicket keeper, including a photo, diary and other items.

Free event at the Brunel Institute

Curator’s Corner:

Curators choice from the Archive Vault.

Photo courtesy of the ss Great Britain Trust

E. M Grace [pictured], brother of W. G. Grace, is a famous cricketing name in his own right, and his revealing diary charts his travels on the ss Great Britain. The fascinating diary offers great insight into life on board the ship and the cricket tour of Australia.

A poem written by a Mr. Moore on the occasion of nearing Australia:

‘There’s the cricketers bold The Eleven of England,

a fine set of fellows as ere crossed the sea,

I hope to see them with bat and ball in hand,

astonishing the natives of proud Austra-lee’

Throughout October we will be exploring the journey of E. M. Grace on board the ss Great Britain. 

(ss Great Britain Trust Collection)